Founded in the year 2016, Ol'Deer Event Place is a venue space specialize in hosting various functions in Petaling Jaya. We have been involved in some of the most memorable events including wedding luncheons, birthday parties, team-buildings, product launching events a well.

If you're looking for a space to host your event without hassle, you're looking right at it.

We ensure to provide all the basic needs for your event to run fantastically. Our main priority is to make sure you have fun, while the event runs smoothly without worry. Have a special request for your big day? Don't worry, we ensure our team manages every request to your precious specifications. Our services are ready for your celebration, so let's get the party started. Contact us today for booking.



For every passing moment, something remains unforgettable. Part of every event you've attended will remain in that beautiful mind of yours. In Ol'Deer Event Place, we strive to make every event unforgettable not just for the host, but for every guest as well.



Still the talk of the town till now, loving the food and thanks for the memories made!


Ol'Deer is a great and affordable event place anyone can find. Even better, the owners are super friendly and supportive. 


Everyone genuinely loved the place and keep up the good work and, of course, your super nice service. Will tag you on insta Hhaha and see you guys again real soon!


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